Five Business Travel Suggestions to Make Business Travel More Enjoyable |

Many people travel extensively for business whether it is a week a quarter, a week a month, or nearly continuously as I seem to be traveling now. Travel can be fun, it is exhausting, but for many people it sometimes simply becomes a grind away from home. It doesn’t have to be this way and here are a few suggestions to make it more enjoyable.

1) Travel is far more exhausting than you realize some time, yes, maybe you sat around in airports, planes, and cabs all day and shouldn’t be tired but you probably are much more tired than you imagine. Try to get some extra sleep when you travel. Also remember you may not sleep as well as at home so that extra sleep may be somewhat necessary.

2) Eat healthily, at least some of the time. It may be more difficult, with hearty breakfast buffets as the only quick morning options, lunches out with clients, and eating dinner with clients, alone in a restaurant, or perhaps room service. These all tend to be high calorie options if you allow them to be. You need to occasionally force them to be healthy at least occasionally, as in a salad for lunch, fruit and yogurt for breakfast, and a reasonable dinner. Yes, much of the time you will be splurging at that is OK, but not every meal!

3) Get some exercise, almost anything will do. You will certainly feel better. I try to go for a walk or hit the hotel gym at least once, and chances are if I do it once I may twice or more times. Now you may need to do this in the early morning or late at night to fit it in to your schedule, but your body will thank you.

4) Don’t’ drink too much alcohol! I know I’ll usually be drinking somewhat with clients, such as wine with dinner and maybe the occasional beer, but I do my best to avoid hitting the hotel bar on nights alone or having a drink with dinner, even a lone glass of wine, for most meals when dining alone.

5) Try to do something non work related! See some of the city you are in, have a traditional dish or meal depending on where you are, do some sightseeing even if only for an hour or two. Sometimes I’ll even add an extra day or two to see the sights if I’m too busy and may have a friend fly in to meet me too. What else are you going to do with all those frequent flier miles anyways?

Business travel can become a grind quite easily. Do not let it! Follow the tips about and see is your travel starts becoming more pleasurable.

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